Sunday, January 6, 2008

C'sa Logic

This morning I overheard the following conversation between Mr. Clean and C'sa my all knowing 4 year old...

C'sa: "Look Daddy, I found my gloves" (they were lost in her room after she and her sister decided to play, "Dirty Jobs" with them...)

Mr. Clean: "Great baby, now go and put them in your drawer" (in the hall closet)
C'sa: "But Daaaaaddd, I want to play with them!"

Mr. Clean: "I know Baby, but then you will lose them again and won't be able to find them when you need them."

C'sa (eyes rollin' hard, obviously exasperated): "I will find them Dad... they will be on my hands (duh...)!"


Rosemarie said...

Mr. Clean obviously didn't understand that she wanted to play with them now. Too cute!

Jamie said...

LOL kids crack me up