Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Remember this...

It's not pretty, nor glamorized, nor will it give you warm fuzzies. It was the reality of September 11, 2001. People complained that the media focused on these images and others like it too much. I don't think we see it enough.

Remember the people who were forced to decide whether or not they would burn to death, choke to death or plummet to death.

Remember the firefighters and police officers who sacrificed their lives for the ones they might be able to save.

Remember the willingness of a plane full of people to die in order to save the people in the next target.

Remember that there are families still suffering and heart broken over their loss.

Just remember.


Margaret said...

Tomorrow, 9/11 is my husband and I's birthday. The day still seems really weird to us. It is the reason we met - then fell in love. But just before our wedding, this happened.

We could never forget. It's a date that will be written on our tombstones - a very strange thought.

No, certainly it doesn't give us warm fuzzies... but much like that video I just commented on regarding prosperity or "no matter what"... America should stand and glorify God in our suffering.

9/11 wasn't a complete disaster. Miracles happened that day. People were late for work and many missed flights. Our hearts, of all the rescue workers and just ordinary people shown our humanity and compassion that day.

that week and even now. But not as much so... many are forgetting.

Aduladi' said...


Thank you so much for your post. My husband was one of those miracles.

Mr. Clean was scheduled to be in the Pentagon that morning and the room he would have been in no longer existed after the plane hit. He got over booked and needed to meet a client at GW University, so he sent an employee in his place.

That employee's truck broke down and he was unable to get there that morning.

God's mighty hand at work.

Aduladi' said...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARGARET (and your hubby as well)!


Mrs. Sam said...

In all that suffering God is good...I'll never forget how sick and helpless I felt. How small and insignificant and how greatful I was that my children were right there beside me...we just started homeschooling.
Its a sad day to remember but such a happy day today, because we can still wake up and give pause to remember those who died, who gave their lives for others and to say that our God is a God who saves. He was there that day, with all those who wanted Him to be with them. He was there. My heart still breaks.