Monday, September 24, 2007

Knocked Down at the 20th

I had big plans for this weekend which were not extremely exciting, but quite fulfilling. I was going to CLEAN! I had been bitten by the cleaning bug the other night while redoing the family room and I was anxiously waiting for the chance to pawn the offspring off on Mr. Clean so I could get to work. Then Sunday I was going to join a friend for a tea in the community to cap off my weekend of hard work.

I was on my way for the goal when I got sidelined and tackled. Hard. Friday night I felt a little under the weather but I blew it off as a lack of proper sleep from my mad woman antics Wednesday night. By Saturday morning I felt as if I had been run over by a Mack truck. Full on temperature, sore throat, congested brain, upset stomach; the works. I slept all day.

Sunday Morning, same thing. The kids and the hubby went off to church while I slept. They came home and I slept some more. They went off to small group and I finally dragged myself out of bed to try and stay awake a little, lest I not be able to sleep all night. I slept all night regardless.

So here I am Monday morning feeling like a wet dish rag, but awake. A full roster of activities for the week wait for me with the house that needs even more attention due to the fact that the Momma person was, in essence, missing all weekend.

And Mr. Clean is flying out to Indiana today for the week.
Pray that the house does not fall down around my ears. Then again, my ears are so clogged that I just may not hear it anyway...


Susie said...

Oooooooh, Angel! I'm so sorry you're feeling so yucky! And even sorrier that your hubby isn't there to help you. Praying that you're on the mend!

Sending lots of healing smiles and hugs!!

P.S. Must be our "twin" thing...I had what I thought was just allergies on Friday night...then by Saturday it felt more like a yesterday it felt like my annual sinus infection. (It's a bit too early!!)

TheTutor said...

Hey, Sweetie! I'll be praying that you are feeling more and more like a functional human every day. Mr. Clean could just deposit the kids onto a plane down here. I'd be happy to take them for the week! ;)

Love ya! Get better!

Jamie said...

Praying you feel better soon! Especially considering hubby is out of town!