Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Being Faithful to My Students

I have had an epiphany. I have them a lot so maybe they can only be classified as "awarenesses" or "a-ha moments", not truly epiphanies. Whatever you call it, I had one. Again.

This homeschooling thing has nothing to do with me. Yes, I am the teacher and the one in charge of keeping things running smoothly and on course, but it's not about me whatsoever. It's all about them. I don't get bragging rights when they have finished a workbook or read their first sentence (yeah Xena!), they do. I tend to forget this and I start revolving their schooling around my schedule when it should be the other way around.

Their education should be dictating my schedule
. Homeschooling mothers (and fathers) all have things that cannot be ignored like cooking dinner, washing laundry and the urgent need to pee, but there are few precious things that should take our focus away from the calling to which we have obviously been brought. I have yet met a homeschooler that does this, "just for the heck of it". This is a commitment.

So I have decided to recommit myself to my children's education under my King's and my husband's authority. Not that I would ever pretend to speak for the Almighty, but I doubt He would put much stock in a myriad of play dates, field trips and "mommy down times" at the expense of a solid education. Those things are important, but only after a daily or weekly educational criteria have been met.

There will be "those days" and all of you homeschoolers and parents know what "those days" are. But isn't it our responsibility to make sure "those days" do not outnumber days spent building a solid foundation of learning?


Mamma D said...

I think we are all guilty of wanting to be in the "flexible" mindset. Though, with the boys having already been in PS (and Jake is 9) I have to do 180 days no matter what. (Have I mentioned that I hate PA - wanna move to Alaska... they have virtually NO homeschool regulating laws). We spend about 4 hours a day doing school - everything else (including grocery shopping etc) comes after. It may have something to do with not having many homeschooling friends near us (ok... we have no homeschooling friends near us) to schedule events with.

Mrs. Sam said...

I'm having one of those days...I call them PA days, perfectly awful. But, I leave it at my Jesus feet and offer the day as His. And tomorrow will be productive and honoring. Today, we did home economics...I think vaccumming counts!?

Carolyn said...

After reading your blog, you want me to come over for a playdate tomorrow!?! Just joking. We'll be there. I'll have my "ah moment" next week and recommit myself to my children's education. We had a playdate this morning and then right to swim lessons. I just tried to do school with two very tired boys and it didn't go well. I will not be schedualing anything else in the morning after this week, except for the very rare occasion of a fieldtrip.

TheTutor said...

You said it! Amen!

Oh, and [sic]!

Heather_in_WI said...

Great post. I must have missed this the first time you posted it, but came through from the COH. :-)