Friday, September 14, 2007

Doing a Happy Dance!

I got a phone call today from a dear friend who in my college days I was attached to at the hip. She moved about 14 years ago or so back to her home state and I went to visit a couple times. Afterward I got married, had kids, lived life and eventually we grew further apart being so many miles away from one another.

She called me today with news that made my heart leap out of my chest with joy. She has committed her life to Christ, letting the Lord take
complete control.

She had battled Him in an area of her life that made her reassess her entire lifestyle. Instead of taking the easy way out and changing things slowly and in her own time, she felt the Lord's urging to change things immediately. She did and walked away from a lifestyle that she now acknowledges was sinful.

Pray for my beautiful friend who now is so full of joy that it is infectious. She is committed to following whatever road on which the Lord puts her. She is truly an inspiration!

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Mrs. Sam said...

Isn't joy the most infectious thing? I pray she is overflowing with the joy only Jesus can bring for days and days and that when the days are dry that she can look back to the sweetness of these days and find fullness. God is so good!