Friday, September 14, 2007


In the quest to teach my son how to be a "manly man", and check off a page in the Wolf Cub handbook, Mr. Clean gave K.Z. a lesson in tools and their uses a couple nights ago. One of the lessons involved cutting 3/4 inch pvc pipe.

The next day, K.Z had to show off his newly acquired skills to his adoring fans (sisters) and gladly gave them their own lengths of pipe as a souvenir. All day the girls had been using them to play various games, as musical instruments, as little talking pvc pipe people, and the like.

One use however, I simply could not figure out. C'sa kept popping hers in her mouth, "kazoo style". Having enough of my little one sticking obvious weird Home Depot derived germs in her mouth I told her to take it out.

"But Mom", she pleaded. "It's my fire stick thing!"

My 3 year old has taken up smoking. I am going to hide under the covers...


Carolyn said...

When Jon's sees people smoking, he says, look theres a smoker! And if someone is smoking near us, he runs away from them! I think he definitely has the fear of smoking in him! I think we need to work on C'sa :)

Mrs. Sam said...

I'm just laughing at that image...I don't know what eles to say, but that image will ride me through the day... :o)

Jamie said...

LOL Oh that is so funny.