Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Lunch Sums It Up

One of my favorite blog titles of all time is "Diary of a Crunchy Granola Pop tart Mom". Her description of herself is great and describes me up quite nicely as well. Today, it hit me that my lunch menu sums me up precisely.

First you should know that I try to feed my family well. I have always been the one who would feed my kids millet for breakfast before cold cereal, "back when mothering was new". Well, now that I am a more experienced mother, Lucky Charms just has a way of somehow jumping off the grocery shelf and into my cart. It must be the leprechaun, because I certainly would never buy it on purpose and well, I usually shop alone so I cannot blame it on the kids.

Another weakness of mine is good ol' mac-n-cheese, in the blue box. For under 60 cents I can quickly make my kids some lunch without the hassle of figuring out who gets stuck with the heel of the bread (which personally I love, but it seems there is never enough bread for Momma to actually get a sandwich, let alone the heel). So that is exactly what we had the other day for lunch. Except...

Feeling a twinge of guilt about giving my children yet another pre-packaged, cannot-be-good-for-you-in-any-way-shape-or-form meal, I decided to add veggie sausage (you know the kind that tree huggers, who won't eat anything with a face, eat) which I really like. It actually turned out really good and I felt a little better about the meal. So that's when I decided that this particular meal defines who I am to a tee.

I am a crunchy kind of mom at heart who would gladly hug a tree if the urge hit me, unless there was a creepy bug on said tree, then I would grab my chainsaw, cut it down in an attempt to kill said creepy bug and then go have mac-n-cheese for lunch. Only from the blue box please.

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Susie said...

LOLOL!! You're just a selective granola mom who wants "her cake and eat it too," right? (Or in your case, her "mac-n-cheese" in the blue box. LOL!)