Thursday, August 2, 2007


I heard some things today that made me just cringe. The kids have been enjoying a summer library program and I have been enjoying an opportunity to sit and yak to some friends or in today's case, read a book. Sitting near me was a group of parents casually sitting and chatting.

The theme of this year's reading program is "investigation" so the kids do some spy/archaeological/police type fun activities depending on the week. This week was crime investigation, CSI style, which of course got people chatting about the television show. To which one mother replied, "it's kind of embarrassing, but I let my 7-year old watch CSI".

Kind of embarrassing? Kind of child abuse you mean? I have a 7-year old and excuse me if I sound harsh, but there is no way I would let him sit with me and watch any of the three CSI shows. They are simply inappropriate for a 7-year old.

Where did decent, well meaning parents, which I believe these parents are, get the idea that just because it is popular, it is alright? It got worse. A dad in the group was talking about the fact that one day his daughter (also very young) came up from the computer room in the basement and told him about a great site she had found (all by herself, shouldn't we be so very proud). You could "dress up" celebrities in different fashions, specifically mentioned were Lindsey Lohan and Johnny Depp (stellar examples for a child), and then print them out in the fashions you choose. How about an actual doll? Maybe I am a little old fashioned.

Why are we letting our little kids grow up so fast?


Mrs. Sam said...

Kinda goes back to the idea that just because we can, dosn't mean we should...may I ask how you responded to these parents? I've often found myself in the same position and I just sit there and say nothing, when I really want to say something, and don't. Then I think of something later...but I just don't want to give off the wrong idea many Christians fall into. What to do?

Aduladi' said...

Sadly, I sat there with all my righteous indignation and said nothing. I am such a wimp!