Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And So It Begins

"I like what my skin is doing"
Says my three year old while sitting on the potty contemplating life. I had no clue what she was talking about so I asked her what she meant.
"Well", she replied, "I don't know what color it is called, but I like it"
And then off she went on to her everyday world leaving me snickering. Isn't three a little too young to be focusing on a tan? Before you call Child Services let me assure you that C'sa gets slathered with sunscreen all the time just like everyone else in this family. The difference is she is darker than the rest of us. C'sa has my father's skin (he is the Indian half of me while my mother is the blonde Scottish/English half) . Somehow she defied Mr. Clean's viking roots and has perfect copper skin. The rest of the offspring? Freckle faced blondes who will burn if they stand by a window too long. So imagine my surprise when she was born as copper and beautiful as my dad.

C'sa knows that she is a little darker than her siblings and she likes to compare skin tone each time the girls are in the tub together, but to already be excited that her skin is getting darker during the summer? I am not ready for this! I was hoping for genteel girls who kept the sun off of their skin in a quest to look 30 when they are 80. Isn't that the new trend?

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