Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Boy Has It Been a While!

It feel like I have not blogged or read blogs in a while! The past few weeks have been a hotbed of activity for all of the Mr. Clean household.

I snagged this picture from my father in law to share because I just love the look on K.Z.'s face as he is heading down the rapids during a white water rafting trip with my father-in-law and "the cousins" (he is front center in yellow, my FIL is in red next to him). It feels like this has been the pace of our house for the last few weeks. I am very much looking forward to it slowing down "rapidly"...


Susie said...

Welcome back, Angel! I've missed you!!! And that photo is pricelesss!! Happy slowing down!


Mrs. Sam said...

That is a perfect priceless image of life! You are a brave momma...thanks for your encouragement on my blog of late. It blessed me. And this picture blesses me too!