Monday, August 6, 2007

The Blog World

I just read this article by Abraham Piper (John Piper's son), ironically, thanks to another blogger's recommendation. I love to blog, read blogs and have sometimes spent hours catching up on my "favorites". I also try and make sure that the blog authors I read the most are ones that have something good to say or are people whose hearts I have had the privilege of getting to know in person.

I must say however, after reading this article, I have had to rethink some of my blog selections. I have also deleted some from my favorites list. Maybe this article will make you ponder this as well. That is as long as you do not delete mine! ;-)


Susie said...

LOL! Hope I make the cut. :o)

Sandy {{{HUGS}}} from the beach!

TheTutor said...

Yea! I'm still in your sidebar list! ;) And now that we have internet access at home (finally), I may actually start adding posts again! LOL!

I totally agree... Bible first, all other reading second.

Love Ya!

Jamie said...

That was good too;) Especially in lieu of a comment I'd received when I was PC-less;)