Thursday, August 9, 2007

Why Not Be You?

Recently one of my favorite bloggers, who we will call "Mrs. Z" for the sake of this posting, had gotten some flack in a comment to her about "posting her emotions when they were not at their best" (I am paraphrasing big time). Right now her life is taking a great direction since she and her hubby have really submitted control of their lives to the Lord and well, every road, even and especially the God directed ones, can get bumpy. And when roads gets bumpy, we silly mortals can get grouchy. Sometimes you just need to talk it out and vent.

This is what Mrs. Z did via her blog. She was having a bumpy week and blogged about it factually. She was not inappropriate nor mean, just letting some of the bumps go, "blog style". Then she got sandblasted for not being very "Christ like" and airing her issues in a very public forum. This got me thinking. As believers, shouldn't we be transparent? Even when our lives are not all hearts and candy?

I was not born in a "Leave It To Beaver" bubble. I was born a sinner, acted like a sinner and had to come to a saving relationship with Christ Jesus. Before this happened, I did things, said things and thought things that were not edifying in any way shape or form (still do sometimes). And I will gladly discuss any of it if the timing and audience is appropriate because I am forgiven of it all. I want to live a transparent life.

Now I will keep certain things private for safety reasons and I will respect other peoples' privacy on this forum (and you'll never see my Mastercard number on my blog), but why not any other topic? As long as I am not causing a brother or sister to sin with what I post and it is not inappropriate, what is the big "brouhaha"?

I know that at anytime, anyone can stumble upon this blog. And that all 7 of those people :-) will be able to delve into my personality, thoughts, ideals and beliefs. If I am one of those bloggers that only posts when the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the bees are merrily buzzing along am I being authentic? There are bloggers that like to post when life is good and that is alright by me, I enjoy reading them, but I gain so much more out of reading blogs that show people at their core. Not stripped raw, but real. Good, bad and ugly.

So Mrs. Z, blog away sister, even on the bumpy days. I promise to do the same.


TheTutor said...

Preach it, Sister!

Our small group at church is going through a great book on this called "The Emotionally Healthy Church". I highly recommend it. It offers great points for discussion and reveals many truths in our own hearts that we would not otherwise choose to address.

Blessings to you... through happy, joyful, easy times and sad, angry, difficult ones.

Tami said...

Amen sister! We need to share the downs as well as the ups. That's what Christ has commanded us to do, to share our brothers (sisters) burdens. It's those downs that grow us...and as fellow believers how can we know how to support our brothers and sisters unless they share their trials?
If life were all sunshine and daisies, there wouldn't be a need for Christ. And I for one NEED Him daily!

Susie said...

Didn't David do that in the Psalms? And I'd say the Bible is pretty public... :o)

Good reminder to all of us that sharing woes is humbling...and helpful for others to see that they're not alone. We're all a part of each other.

Jamie said...

Thanks Angel, I'm about crying over your post;) I have not really let it get me down, but have been pondering it a bit this evening as my mom commented on my response to it all and it was a bit discouraging. BUT, as I keep saying I'm in this to please the Lord, not my mom, neighbor or the anonymous;) One person's silly comment is not going to change me from being who I am;) So glad I have wonderful friends like you in would be so fun to meet up sometime!