Saturday, July 21, 2007

As The Sun Sets...

Today was idyllic. Unlike the last couple of days while I was stewing over my lovely familial relations. Thank you my beautiful sisters for your wonderful comments on my last post. They made me feel so "fed" again. I also realized that I was probably delighting Satan with my stewing and decided to get over it. I know who I can count on and who I cannot, so why be surprised?

Anyway, we spent a perfect 80 degree day doing 90 & 90 (a D.C. term when the weather is in the 90's and at 90% humidity) style activities inside. So we had to rectify it and add some outdoor fun. The best part was that the entire day was cheap and paid for with the cash in our pockets (for all of you Dave Ramsey fans you know this is a huge deal, especially for people like us addicted to our debit cards).

We started off catching Ratatouille matinée style. By the way, when did a matinée start costing $6.00?! Thankfully, I had some theater gift certificates that covered all but $5.00. We decided to forgo the $40.00 trough of popcorn and took the kids to Chick Fil-A afterward, compliments of the VBS program they had just completed (free kid's meal coupons). Mr. Clean used his mad money to buy he and I (him and me? my brain is fuzzy today) some grub costing us for lunch and a movie for a family of five just $16!

We then headed over to an amazing park in the area that none of us had been to before. This place was like a Norman Rockwell painting with bike trails, a river, manicured lawns, lots of trees and even a butterfly or two. The Creator even threw in a blue sky and puffy white clouds to bring it up a notch or two (puffy white clouds are almost unheard of in July on the East Coast, normally it is just searing heat and haze). It was fantastic. Almost surreal.

And as I type, Mr. Clean and the offspring have been missing for over and hour now to, in the words of my killer hubby, "give Mom a break for a while". Can it get any better?


Tami said...

Don't ya just love Dave Ramsey?! Sounds like you had a great day without spending a whole lot of money. I bet Dave would be proud! :)

Susie said...

You guys rock! So glad you had fun and didn't have to "break the bank" to do so!! Gotta love those kind of days! :oD