Sunday, July 15, 2007

Xena Warrior Princess

Tucking the girls into bed tonight was not as easy as usual. Normally we pray, sing , give massive doses of hugs and kisses, tuck everyone into their beds and then Mr. Clean and I punch out on the parental time clock. As usual K.Z. was more than likely asleep 2.8 seconds after his head hit the pillow. The girls, who share a room, normally talk a little while before dozing off which we don't mind.

Tonight however C'sa was not settling well and wound up crying. Going in to talk to her she cried that her blankets were askew, her doll needed different clothes, and mostly, I simply could not leave her because of the monsters. I quickly assured her that there were no monsters in our house (they would not dare lurk here!) and that she was safe in her room. She did not want me to leave her so I reminded her that she had her "best sister" (how she refers to Xena) with her to keep her safe, to which Xena replied from her bed, "yeah, and I know a little about karate too!"

Monsters beware.

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