Friday, December 14, 2007

Your Will, Not Mine

Yesterday was bitter sweet. In the mail we officially received our license and welcome packet from the county officially declaring us foster parents with dotted "i"s and crossed "t"s. Soon after we received two phone calls within two hours of one another from our case worker with placements.

The first was for three siblings, which we simply cannot transport as our "mom-mobile" only seats seven and there are five of us already. We had to say no. Again. The next call was for four siblings that they had to break up as they could not find a family with enough approved room for all four (in our county there can only be a total of six children in the household, natural or foster). They asked us if we could take two sisters from the group.

We talked about it for as long as we could since time was of the essence, but a myriad of obstacles stood in the way. Mostly timing. We will be leaving in a week to go out of state for Christmas and that would have to be approved by either the natural parents or court ordered. It would also mean that we would miss an important court date for the girls.

Also, to call our Christmas hosts and say, "oh by the way we are bringing two more children with us", would have been alright and we could have adjusted, but would it have been fair (we did call and they were willing)?

These travel plans would have also rattled the girls a little more than necessary. "Here, meet the family you will be living with, adjust for a week and then they will whisk you far away from your state, city and family. Merry Christmas."

We said no. Again. It is heartbreaking, but I know that the timing is not up to us, it is all in the Lord's hands.


Susie said...

I'm sorry, Angel! It's hard to go through this again and again. We're praying for you guys!! :o)

Jamie said...

Ugh, that must be so difficult! I too am praying as the Lord brings you to mind often.