Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuesday Child Is Full Of.....

Since the colder weather has been thrust upon us, I have gotten a little lax in the "keeping 'em smooth" category.

After all, my gams are hidden under denim most of the time and the
lazy economical thing to do is to conserve razor blades since Mr. Clean uses up so many keeping his chrome dome in top shape.

So today, my ridiculously observant 7 year-old son, noticing my fabulously insulated legs peeking out from under my pajamas says, "I thought that when Moms grew fur they were supposed to get rid of it."

I am off to find a razor. Sharp, dull, meant for scraping wall-paper, whatever.


Jamie said...

That had me busting out loud! Thanks for sharing...I needed that laugh.

Carolyn said...

That so funny! Fur, never heard it described that way.