Sunday, December 2, 2007

Out From Under My Rock!

Ahhh Sunday! The day of the week to lazily snooze in a patch of sun with your favorite chew toy. Or something like that.

The end of another week! It has been a great week with my in-laws coming into town on Wednesday and hanging out until yesterday. Both K.Z and I hit the eye doctor's, him for brand spankin' new specs and me for new contacts and "morning glasses", as Xena calls them since she only sees me wear them for a brief time in the morning when I stumble out of my room.

C'sa got her third small birthday celebration of the week since Nan and Pop were in town and wanted to share in the fun of her big "O-Four".

The Christmas tree made it's annual pilgrimage out of the basement and into the living room (which actually is now our "office" and school room) and it is adorned with lights and decorations. Now we are working on the rest of the house and wanting to just kick back and enjoy it. Maybe in January?

No, my boy is not really that tall... he is standing on the couch!

It has been a long and good week, but a tiring one and it does not seem like the next few weeks will be any slower. One homeschool perk however? In two weeks we are on a three week sabbatical from school work! Hurry Christmas!

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Jamie said...

I'm tired of every Christmas season being filled with busy-ness. Every day and all but one night this week we have something going on! I just dread it! I want time to sit and ponder what the TRUE meaning is about. I think this will be our busiest week though and maybe then it will slow down a bit? Glad you had a great week with the family!