Thursday, December 6, 2007


I have no horse in the political race yet, but I am liking Ron Paul more and more everyday. That is why this article made me laugh and annoyed all at the same time...

"The San Francisco Republican Party straw poll was canceled Tuesday, after a majority of attendants showed up to vote for Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

The San Francisco Republican Alliance hosted the event at the Holiday Inn on Fisherman’s Wharf with featured speaker, Republican State Senator Sam Aanest (CA 4th SD).

Aanest reportedly discussed his support for former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson, before a flood of Paul supporters, paying the late comer $5 non-banquet fee, entered the room to join those supporters already in attendance.

Event organizer, Gail Neira, then canceled the poll citing issues of fairness..."

Pardon me? Fairness? Oh right... because your candidate was not the majority vote represented? Got it. Give me a break.

Read the whole article here.


Heather_in_WI said...

Good grief is right! That is absolutely crazy!

Glad to see you're warming to Ron Paul. That's how it started for me, too. {grin}

The more people denounce Ron Paul ... the more skewed articles I read ... the more people say I'm wasting my vote, the more I support him. ;-)

I don't want to vote for a candidate I don't believe in just so a different candidate I don't believe in doesn't win. The lesser of two evils is still evil!


TheTutor said...

Yeah! What you and Heather said.

Stuff like this just burns me up! This on top of the whole ARMs mess is going to cause me to blow a gasket! Where's the duct tape?

This week on my blog I'm going to begin answering some "Why Ron Paul?" comments and emails I've received, if you're interested.

Ami said...

I had to laugh too after reading your blog and the article. The more I hear about Ron Paul the more I think I like him.

Mrs. Sam said...

I'm following your politics a wee bit and I don't know Ron Paul's name...where's he from? And what do you think about Mitt Romney? I watched some of his speech and was curious...he seems to have good character but, is he pushing the Christian envelope a bit? Its interesting that your politics affect my country to a degree but our politics probably don't affect you too much. It says alot about how much our country counts on you guys to the south...kind of like our big brother. Kinda neat.

Aduladi' said...

Hi Sam!!

Ron Paul is a Texan with a true sense of the pillars on which the US was founded.

I think Romney seems like a good guy and I have no personal issues with him, but I do not think I can vote for a Mormon as the President.

Joseph Smith founded the Latter Day Saints since he felt all other denominations were worshiping a false god or Satan. Romney wants to make it seem as if we are all just different denominations of the same faith when his own church doctrine teaches otherwise.

I honestly think that with Romney in office (and he might do a great job as president) it would legitimize Mormonism, leading to a lot of people missing the boat on knowing who our Lord and Savior REALLY is.

This is so vague and short, I know, just wanted to respond with my thoughts. Its great to see you again on your blog!!