Monday, December 17, 2007


Our semester has officially finished for the 2007 year and we are now on a three week vacation from school. Today was going to be one of those days that I would float around my beautifully clean home and stop to kiss my shiny clean children on the foreheads as I straighten the fresh flowers on the clutter free kitchen table. Then I woke up.

On Friday my house was fairly close to immaculate (except for my room, but that does not count 10 days before Christmas). My parents were coming into town for our Christmas celebration with them and I thought it would be nice to get it all done. Two days later you would never know it.

It absolutely blows me away that within 48 hours a house can implode. So I suppose it is time to start again. So that is what this week will have to be about. No floating and flowers and shiny children. Just vacuums and dusters and trash bags. Sigh...


Mrs. Sam said...

I hear you sister...we had company Friday night and the house was virtually immaculate...shiny children, fresh flowers, candles aglow...lovely. This morning, I don't know where to start or why I even got out of bed... :o)

Jamie said...

Don't ya just hate that? It sure doesn't stay clean long at all...I am getting so tired of cleaning up all the time!