Tuesday, August 19, 2008

With A Heavy But Peaceful Heart

Today was a court/review date for "John" and "Jay". I met Mom and Dad and all the attorneys and advocates involved. They talked to me, questioned me and were generally pleasant, yet I was unable to be honest with them and let them know that the boys are only with me until tomorrow. That would have ruffled feathers that the county did not want ruffled until after the court hearing.

My case worker and the boys' case worker met with me this morning and we talked about the options for the boys. We all agreed that "the sooner, the better", before school starts for John and they get too emotionally attached. It's too late for us in that regard, we think they are great. But we have a peace about them going to a different foster home, even though tomorrow will be a tough day.

The boys will be the two youngest in a family with only a 17 year old daughter. They will get ALL the attention that they need and will have a dog to boot (our dogs have no real interest in kids). I will get to meet the family tomorrow when I take the boys to their agency's office (they are not county foster parents, but with a private agency), so I am happy about that. At least I can tell them what I have learned in the past few days about the boys habits.

Pray for these little ones. They have transitioned easily into our home and I hope they will tomorrow as well with the new foster family.

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