Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Well, Thanks For Pointing Out The Obvious?

Tonight the offspring and I decided to fly the coop and go out. Somewhere. Anywhere. So I took them to my favorite place to grab grub and then we ventured to Cabela's, a superstore for everything "outdoorsy". The kids love to roam around there and look at at the large displays of "previously alive and now stuffed" animals, which include polar bears, an elephant and tons of others. It really is fascinating. They also have a huge fish display (still alive, luckily for the fish) and a creek running through the store.

Outside however is their favorite display. A huge sculpture of Daniel Boone in a canoe riding raging waves with an Indian companion sits right near the entrance. They marvel at it every time we go there. Tonight as we were leaving they wanted to go and see it (you can't miss it) just once more. As K.Z. and Xena were running toward it, Xena commented about wanting to go to the other side and see the Indian's face.

"Where's an Indian?" C'sa asked holding my hand, completely oblivious to the 12 foot structure in front of her.

"Right next to you!" commented K.Z., referring to me. Obviously just as oblivious. Probably not the "Indian face" Xena was so excited to check out. Oh well!

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