Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gym On A Whim

Today in central PA it is a wonderful 79 degrees with absolutely no humidity. It is also the first day of public and private school in our area. So as the kids dutifully lined up and headed onto the big ol' yellow school bus this morning, my kids had a big breakfast made by their beloved uncle Jason, who is in town visiting for a few days.

Afterward he treated them to a street version of "four square" and dodge ball right in front of our house. For a good two hours they played outside with my brother, enjoying the amazing day.

There are days that I hope they are not sad to miss out on the "school bus experience" (although that is also the scariest and diciest place for a student to be according to some school admin friends of ours) and the excitement of a new school year with their peers. Then I realized this is much more memorable.

Had they been in a school building today they would have never been able to blow off their studies for a couple hours of just playing with an uncle they do not get to see all that often.

Today was absolutely a gift in every way.


Susie said...

AWESOME, Angel!! :o) Can't beat that kind of schooling, right?

Shanna said...

Hey! I gave you the Smile Award today. You can see it on my blog!!