Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Fine Day Indeed

I was expecting today to be hard. Really hard. Last night Mr. Clean held me as I cried myself to sleep while my brain and my heart duked it out over the little boys. This morning I woke up completely at peace.

Mr. Clean and I decided not to tell the boys about their move last night as we were afraid this would scare them prematurely, so this morning I set them down and talked up "Lori's house" (their new foster mother) and how excited I was for them that their caseworker, whom they adore, found a great place for them to live. Their response thrilled me. They wanted to leave right then and go meet Lori. John was really excited and Jay followed in his brother's steps.

At about 09:30 my friend Steph called and found out about the week's events for the first time. She was actually stunned silent and simply asked what she could do. Being quite clueless myself, she decided to take action. An hour or so later she came over with two frozen pizzas, juice boxes, dessert and her son in tow. Not being one who likes to be idle, she set to work cleaning my kitchen and picking up the family room and office floors while I had the hard task of popping two frozen pizzas in the oven. She was a Godsend.

Later I dropped off my four at a friend's house and the little boys and I headed to the agency's offices where we would meet with Lori. We all loved her and I was very comfortable with her. The boys will be the center of her and her husband's household as they are the only little kids. They were excited to go with her to meet her dog and check out her swimming pool. Only little Jay shed some tears and told me that he wanted to go, "in my car". After a snack and a pep talk he was all smiles again, gave me a hug and a kiss and waved good bye as they drove home.

I drove back to my house with a smile in my heart and my head. For the first time in days, they were back in harmony...


Susie said...

PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad to read how He worked it out for everyone! :o)

XOXOXOXOXs to you and your family!

Shanna said...

I am so glad things went so well. What an answered prayer!

Lorri said...

What a difficult decision you had to make - but good for you, knowing your family's limits. What strength you showed.

Renae said...

I'm so glad you were able to leave them joyful. May the Lord continue to keep his hand upon those precious little boys. Thank you for sharing their story with us.