Monday, August 4, 2008

What A Great Da... Ouch!

Today has started off amazing, minus one painful thing. Today is officially our first day of school as well as the start of a week long business trip for Mr. Clean (whose dumb idea was it to combine those two events?), so instead of leaving early as he usually does, we got to celebrate the first day of school with Daddy this morning!

Wanting to take advantage of Mr. Clean's presence and valuable help with Iggy, we had breakfast and started school early. It's 10:24 and we are already done (minus some free reading time later)! Mr Clean left for his flight about an hour ago and currently the two eldest offspring are walking the dogs around the block. Life is good.

Here the "ouch". My back has been bugging me lately and this morning I woke up to a full on sciatic attack. It has since calmed down quite a bit. This has not happened since I was pregnant with C'sa but it is just as painful. So pray for me this week. Hopefully, it will go away completely or at least stay subdued, since my knight in shining armor is gone and I am alone with the kidlets. Maybe I can teach Iggy to walk on his own...


Susie said...

Oh, NO!! {{{HUGS}}} to your back!

And Happy First Day of School!! Glad it went so well!

We'll pray the week speeds by for you (it can drag for us though! *wink*) so that your sweet knight can return safe and sound to give your poor back a rest.

I'm here if you need me! :o)

Jamie said...

Boy can I relate...I've been in TERRIBLE pain since last night and thought it was due to my kidney stones, but its my sciatic nerve. I will pray for you as I go through this is miserable and neither heat or Tylenol will take care of it. Add to it the braxton hicks and other pains and I'm ready to be done.

Hope your school week goes well!

Mrs. Sam said...

Big ouch...I call that psycotic nerve...ouchy! Why do you start school in August? We start Sept 2nd.