Monday, March 10, 2008

So It's Monday...

...Isn't it just exciting?

K.Z abandoned us on Saturday for a week long ski trip with my in-laws in the Adirondacks. His cousins are flying in from their home on the west coast and he got to go and meet them at the airport before they all started their adventure together.

The girls, not ones to be left out of adventure, are heading west to my mom's house tomorrow for the remainder of the week. Poor Iggy has to stay home with us, but I am sure he will not be too heartbroken over it.


I have been reading a debate on a blog I pop into time to time on being quiverfull. As expected it got quite heated (civilly, but heated nonetheless) and it got me to thinking. Regardless what you think about that particular topic, it seems we believers spend a whole lot of time debating the aspects of scripture that we find socially topical and current and forget to focus on one major thing. The major thing.

Christ Jesus.

Having a "quiver full" of 3 or 12 does not dictate your entrance into the Kingdom of God. While it is an interesting topic (and I am not picking on it in particular, just using it as an example), we Christian gals tend to get our knickers all in a twist about some particular aspect of biblical teaching and use a lot of our energy to focus on it and dwell on it, forgetting the key issue.

I will give another example, one that has a huge place in my heart. Abortion. I have been pro-life and an active pro-lifer since I was very young and the thought of abortion makes my heart hurt. I have spent hours "marching for life" and debating those who are pro-abortion while my mind was firmly placed on the social injustice the unborn had to face. Not once did I wonder about the salvation of those I debated. That is a bigger tragedy than the millions of unborn babies.

We get so wrapped up in our "cause", biblical or not, that we tend to forget what our real purpose is here on this planet. Chiefly to serve and worship the Creator and spread the Good News. If abortion was outlawed and the quiverfull debate was finally settled there would still be tons of lost souls out there in need of a Savior. We need to rethink our priorities.

That is not to say that we cannot still study and explore biblical teachings; that is important as well. Let us just keep this world's need for Christ first and foremost and let everything else follow after.


Mrs. Sam said...

Amen sister...excellent post!
Is it a salvation issue? Then hit it hard, if its not...meek heart. Love your thinking!

Jamie said...

That was a great post! And a great reminder. Enjoy your week of quiet! What a blessing!

Renae said...

Yes, Jesus said they will know we are Christians by our love, not by how loud we preached, or how perfect our argument. Are the lost seeing our love, or our family feuds?