Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Sound of Silence

I decided last night that I am not designed to be a care free career gal with no rugrats. Three out of four of the kids are with grandparents (the ones who talk the most) and while it is nice to have the break, I simply could not imagine this being my reality.

Last night we had a wonderful babysitter for Iggy and went off to celebrate yet another year of my getting closer to the dreaded 35 (I have this thing about birthdays ending in 5, I should probably get professional help). Mr. Clean and I are the best of friends, so having time for just the two of us is always welcome and well spent, but having no children in tow got me thinking (here I go again... thinking). I was designed to be a mother. I do not think that is true for every woman, but I know it is true for me. I could not imagine doing anything else.

After college and marriage I went out into the workforce and had two big jobs that I loved a lot. They could have turned into lifelong careers and I would have been quite content. Yet I was always just a little detached all the time. I had babies on the brain and visions of June Cleaver floating in my head. A month before K.Z. was born, I was out of the rat race permanently (and thankfully no longer commuting on 270, oye!).

So now I sit in a quiet house relishing in the fact that I have three days to run errands and do other chores that do not require input from my three beautiful children. Or maybe I will just read...


Carolyn said...

Reading. That is definitely what I would be doing! Enjoy the silence.

Mamma D said...

As one who has never spent more than 36 hours away from some or all of my children, I say relish in the quiet. I could use some of it right about now.

Ps... happy birthday. Having been 35 for all of a month, I have to say I feel no different than I did at 34.