Tuesday, June 12, 2007

This Just Makes It Worse

We have been to the Land of the Mouse many times. The majority of the trips were without the kids and one was for a wedding that K.Z. was asked to be in, so we took him for a long weekend. A couple of years ago Mr. Clean and I read a book about the inner workings of Disney that made my stomach turn; I really wish I could remember the title. This latest turn of Disney events just makes me shake my head even harder. Disney has long had a reputation of celebrating and supporting gay causes, but this "takes the cake".

The article below I copied from
Focus On the Family who currently does not support a Disney Boycott (read their official position here), but I am wondering if my own little enterprise here should start turning from the "Magic". I was excited when Michael Eisner left and Bob Iger stepped in, but I have not seen too much fruit from that appointment (save The Chronicles of Narnia).

I wonder what Walt would think?

Disney, Famous for Fairy Tales, now offers Make-Believe Weddings for Gays

by Kim Trobee

The Walt Disney Company will include same-sex commitment ceremonies in its wedding program, even though most of the couples will go home to states that ban the practice.

Walt Disney execs decided to include gay commitment ceremonies under their wedding packages after a same-sex couple complained they were refused the service. Spokesperson for Disney Parks and Resorts, Donn Walker, says the theme park giant is just trying to be ‘inclusive’ and make every guest feel ‘welcome and respected.’

“We certainly are very aware that not everyone is going to agree with this. We’re not trying to change anyone’s mind here, and we don’t believe that it’s our place to make judgments about people, or guests, or groups of guests.”

For years, the Christian Action Network has worked to expose Disney’s Gay Days, which take place in June. Media director for the group, Jason Campbell, says the latest development is just the icing on the cake.

“It doesn’t make any sense, and it’s blatantly targeting kids and it’s blatantly targeting families.”

According to Campbell, stock holders are appalled by the decision. So are customers. Mona Passignano and her husband, Mike, were planning to spend their wedding anniversary at one of the parks, but cancelled when they heard the news.

“I’m not trying to say that homosexuals can’t go to Disney World, but that is a marriage ceremony. As a country, for the most part, we’ve decided that we want marriage, traditional marriage to be protected.”

No word on whether other Christians will boycott.

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