Monday, June 11, 2007

If You Are Going To Be A Crook, Use Grammar Check!

I get spam on occasion and it never fails to amaze me what dolts spammers can be. I especially like the ones designed to look like they are from E-bay or a bank. I usually never even open them, but today someone hit the nail on the head and "spammed" me with one from my own bank. Assuming it was spam, but curious nonetheless, I had to take a look. This was the message I received, very cleverly designed to look like a bank e-mail...

Your Online Banking is Blocked

Because of unusual number of invalid login attempts on you account, we had to believe that, their might be some security problem on you account. So we have decided to put an extra verification process to ensure your identity and your account security. Please click on sign in to Online Banking to continue to the verification process and ensure your account security. It is all about your security. Thank you. and visit the customer service section.

Now I appreciate the work it must have taken to try and pull this off, but couldn't they have humored me and others by either employing a retired English teacher or at the very least, someone who has completed the fourth grade? There are a lot of them running around now all summer with nothing to do.

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Susie said...

Too funny!! Maybe there's a job out there for me? LOLOL!!