Sunday, June 10, 2007

If the Shoe Fits... WEAR IT!

It is Sunday morning at 09:41 and I am sitting on my computer. What is wrong with this picture? Everyone else I know and love is at church, including my husband and two beautiful daughters. The boy, however is in his room and I am here.

For some reason K.Z. has gotten some strange obsession with shoes and not in the healthy Imelda Marcos kind of way. If they do not feel perfect he wigs out. It started with socks. He would complain that his socks hurt. Assuming they were too small I bought him bigger socks. Nope. The bigger ones were too big. So we bought him different style socks in the correct size. Nope. They hurt where the seams came together at the toe. I can certainly appreciate a nice feeling pair of socks and grab up really good ones when the budget allows and they are on sale, but this was getting a little silly.

Since this is a relatively new issue, we figured that maybe it wasn't the sock and more likely the shoe, his tennis shoes were probably getting a little tight. After all he is a growing boy. Determined to have him just get through the summer with his sandals or flip flops, I staved off the urge to buy him new shoes (I have the healthy kind of shoe obsession referenced above), since we all know something magically happens to a boy and he grows three feet and two shoes sizes in the summer months.

Yesterday he was in tears about his shoes so I decided enough was enough and we would buy new ones. I even asked K.Z. to pray on the way to the store that we would find the perfect pair and they would fit comfortably. Within two minutes we had and they were on sale! The birds were singing and butterflies were dancing on the wind as we left the store. All was right with the world. Excitedly, K.Z. declared to me, "Mom, I promise I will not complain about my shoes tomorrow." He wore them all day and was happy.

Fast forward to today. Five minutes and counting until the Mommy Mobile pulls out of the driveway to head for church. Time to put on shoes...

...once again, his socks and shoes are not right. They hurt. I am about to hang this boy from his ankles on the chandelier. The only solution I can come up with is to buy silk worms, have them spin silk for me, weave it together myself and carefully knit socks with no possible seams. Or sell this child to the circus and have a cup of tea. Maybe Gold Toe for kids? Anyone have a couple hundred I can invest in socks?

So, here I sit on a Sunday missing worship and fellowship after I hastily threatened that he either put on his shoes or Dad and the girls were going without him (K.Z. loves going to church). He didn't and I had to stand my ground. We normally do not let missing church be a punishment for any infraction since I believe it to be crucial to "gather together" with our church family, but my mouth was talking faster than my brain was thinking.

So tomorrow morning if you hear some strange sound off in the distance, it more than likely will be the anguished cry of a mother pulling her hair out trying to get her son to wear his socks and shoes.

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Carolyn said...

I'm sorry. I'll pray. This mommy thing is hard.
On a lighter note:
Jon picked out his own church clothes this morning - dark blue and light blue checked shorts and a gray and white stripped long sleeve shirt. It was very interesting. I came up with a quick solution as to not hurt his feelings (he was so proud of himself). I told him it was a bit cooler out today and he might want to wear long pants. It worked and he put on his white jeans. Of course, he was sweating in church, but atleast he matched!