Friday, June 1, 2007

No Longer a "Pain"

Mr. Clean and I listen to a radio show on a regular basis that we love. The host, Todd Friel is hysterical, fun to listen and biblically dead on. The show is "The Way of the Master Radio". For any of you who have ever watched the Way of The Master show (either on television or dvd) you are familiar with Ray Comfort and know that former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron is now a devout believer and partner in The Way of the Master. has posted a great article about him that can be seen here which is amazing to see since is completely secular and sometimes can post "news articles" that could be called questionable at best (there is a video, but I could not load it since apparently it will not be released until 13:00 PST today. Let me know if you can watch it!).


Mamma D said...

The video was soooo good!! Make sure you have some kleenex when he talks to the gang-bangers, I just pray they took to heart what they talked about.

Jamie said...

I LOVED Kirk Cameron as a kid!!! When we were in college this guy we knew 'introduced' us to Ray Comfort (not in person). That man is so amazing! I will have to check out the video. Sorry I don't comment much, I can't add you to my bloglines and so I tend to forget those not on there:(