Friday, June 29, 2007

Alert the Authorities

I have done the unthinkable. The cardinal sin of modern mothers. I made a pitcher of Kool-Aid. To date I have never made Kool-Aid for my kids. I am sure they have had it in their lives, but I have never actually gone through the motions of mixing the little packet of colorful powder with evil white sugar and tap water (horrors!) to make the sweet elixir of the 70's.

Several months ago (or years, I have no idea of the actual time frame) I got a free sample packet of Kool-Aid in the mail. I immediately thought, "I would NEVER let my children drink this", yet being too thrifty to actually throw anything in the trash, I threw it on the pantry shelf (this line of thinking has no actual logic, but it is the way I think some days). There it sat.

Something came over me today and I decided that the kids deserved a little bit of nostalgia in the form of pure sugar. Just a taste of summer from my childhood, so I whipped up a batch. They happily lapped it up like dogs to antifreeze. Red mustaches, goofy grins and pleads of "more red juice" solidified the crime. The kids got hooked.

So is it really so bad? After all, we grew up into normal happy people and we drank Kool-Aid right? So what if our generation now has more cases of diabetes, increased obesity and hyperactivity.
The 70's rocked!

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Susie said...

You, "bad" mom, you! LOL!! I remember that ad!! Thanks for the memories!