Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Boy is an Internet Genius!

My kids have almost zero online experience. They have played a few games online before under my eagle eye, lest they wander off by accident to some smut filled site lurking around the corner, but for the most part they are clueless to the wonderful world of the Internet.

So I had to chuckle today when K.Z. says to me in reference to something he had heard on television (shhh... don't tell anyone that my kids have watched t.v.), "Mom, all you have to do is go to www.com and you will see it."

I asked him that address again, just to verify it amidst my chuckling and again he assured me that was correct. Although I am sure that was not the site he intended, I had to go see what, if anything would happen if I entered www.com, knowing full well I might just blow a hole in the time/space continuum or at least send the world off it axis.

It is actually a website. Ladies and gentlemen, I have discovered the very beginning of the Internet. Or so it tells me and we all know, if it's on the Web, it must be true!


Lorri said...

LOL! I once found the end of the internet.


Aduladi' said...

Thanks Lorri! That is great!