Sunday, April 29, 2007

Welcome home Wolfman Jack!

On Saturday we brought home "Wolfman Jack" (no, not this one), aka, "Jack" for short, our new 1 1/2 year old Yorkie Russell. He has been a great addition to the family and I think will settle in nicely. Saturday night he slept in his own little bed next to Gromit's on the floor of our bedroom and had no problems whatsoever. He even participated in our early morning cuddle fest (which translated, generally means that Gromit wants to go out and we allow him to jump up on the bed and sleep with us so we lazily do not have to get out of bed until we want to...).

Jack is still a bit skittish, but follows Gromit and me around most of the day and will come when he hears, "Come dogs!". He is still working on his own name, but having a mill dog is a bit like having a puppy (except he is already house trained, whoo hoo!), in that he has not had much in the way of obedience training. Despite this, Jack seems very eager to warm up to us and loves to cuddle, so I think that he will respond well and be easy to train. Mr. Clean has already started leash training him and there has been a great improvement in just one day (he has never been on a leash). I promise to post a picture of him soon and you'll see why we named him "Wolfman Jack".

So I expect great things from this pooch. If not, you will see us on the next episode of "The Dog Whisperer"...

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Susie said...

YAY!! Welcome to your family, Wolfman Jack!! Glad he's settling in for you!!! Enjoy!