Wednesday, April 11, 2007

On a Sweet Note

Resurrection Sunday in our house always follows the same pattern. We go to church and then after we get home the offspring get their basket of goodies. They know that it is from us, we have never subscribed to the bunny myth and I rarely put a ton on candy in it. They get a few plastic eggs with some confection, but usually it is a movie, game or cd and a couple other trinkets. Mr. Clean and I have rendered this a kid tradition and don't normally exchange gifts.

This year while shopping I found a version of Narnia for Xbox. Mr. Clean loves Xbox and really enjoyed Narnia (book and movie) and based on the theme of the movie I thought it would be a good gift for him. The next logical holiday just so happened to be Easter. Surprised by this, he was remorseful that he had nothing for me.

A few days later and quite out of the blue, K.Z. came to me and said, "Mom, next year for Easter I will go shopping with Dad and help pick out a present for you. Or at least I will share my candy."

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Jamie said...

Ah, thats so sweet!