Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Eeyore Syndrome

Have you ever had one of those seasons in life that you feel like Eeyore? There is a rain cloud over your head, nothing goes right and to sing and praise is the last thing you have energy to do? I feel like such a pansy complaining as so many people have real woes, but I am having an Eeyore moment.

Mr. Clean needed to take an unplanned two day trip to Manhattan yesterday morning and wouldn't you know it, when I got up I had a fever and a raw throat. I pushed through with school and tried to carry on but we just did not get a lot done. We skipped Xena's t-ball practice (it was also really cold here) and finished off the looonnng day with baths and "Momma time" in my room, which was actually pretty nice. The offspring and I watched a silly kid friendly show until bedtime on my bed and then I whisked them off to their own beds. At that point I broke out my friend, "Jack". Okay, I am just kidding, it was really just Nyquil, but I thought "Jack" sounded a little more dangerous and edgy.

Normally I hate Nyquil, since I fall asleep only to wake up 3 or 4 hours later, but last night I snoozed the entire night. I still, however, felt down right miserable when I woke up and it was homeschool co-op day. I did not want K.Z. to miss it so I dragged myself out of bed and fed and dressed everyone. We amazingly got out of the house early and were off to a decent, yet mopey (me) start.

I set my car on auto pilot since the Nyquil haze had yet lifted and drove to co-op. The road we take to co-op ends at the PA turnpike. Our exit is one exit before. Apparently no one reminded the van's auto pilot. I realized that we missed the turn off to co-op as we approached the gleaming lights of the turnpike's toll booths. The haze lifted mighty fast at that point. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of traveling the PA turnpike, it is a commitment. The exits at bare minimum are 15 miles apart. At this point all I had left to decide was which direction I would take (east or west). There was no turning back, lest I want to get a ticket for making an illegal u-turn and have the cops laugh at me when I admit I had no clue the turnpike was approaching (the bright yellow warning signs are hard to miss).

So I went west. Seventeen miles later I turned around and went to co-op. Thank the Lord I have an EZ-Pass. I did not have a dime on me.


Carolyn said...

I didn't know that happen. Poor you. You definitely had an Eeyore day. I'm sorry that happened. If it helps you to feel any better, I took my 1/12 to get to Costco in King of Prussia. I was stuck in Norristown and couldn't get out!

Carolyn said...

In my last post, I meant to say - "It took me 1 and 1/2 hours to get to Costco in King of Prussia. I started Weight Watchers and I am starving so I think my brain isn't working!

Jamie said...

Yes, I too feel stuck in a rut of pity. It stinks. I can't stand driving on those turnpikes and forking out tons of $$. Glad to hear you eventually made it to co-op. Good thing you had an early start! Hope you're feeling better physically.