Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rewarding Faithfulness

On our way home from Knoebels Thursday night we stopped for dinner at Cracker Barrel. For those of you familiar with this restaurant you know it also sports a "country store". After our meal I took the girls and Iggy to the ladies room while Mr. Clean and my boy were going to get the car. Or so I thought.

Emerging from the bathroom I headed for the main door when Mr. Clean's familiar voice beckoned from the depths of the children's section of the small store. I changed direction and found him and K.Z. in front of a display bearing "Indiana Jones", t-shirts and official Indy fedoras. Now, Mr. Clean has been a fan of obsessed with all things Dr. Jones since he was a kid and the first movie came out. We have framed Indy movie posters and the original Indiana Jones action figure. This love has been passed along to my boy. Both of my men were standing at the Indy alter, their eyes glazed over.

I have to admit I was impressed myself and I desperately wanted to snag a hat and shirt for K.Z., but the fedora alone cost $29.99 and we had just spent a day at an amusement park and then ate out, so most of our pocket cash had been depleted. I resisted, although I knew K.Z would adore that hat.

This morning bright and early K.Z., Xena and C'sa went exploring the myriad of yard sales on our street. K.Z. raced home as fast as he could to get his money to pay for this...

...and then of course had to change into proper Indiana Jones attire. The fedora? It only cost him $1.00, and although it does not bear the official Indy tag inside, it is of much better quality and K.Z. absolutely loves it.

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