Friday, June 13, 2008

A Blessed Day

For those of you who do not know me particularly well, I have to divulge the fact that I hate humidity. With a huge passion. Growing up on the East Coast of these United States I have had my share of the worst humidity on the planet (just please humor me if you are from somewhere that the humidity is over 99.9% like it can get here).

So when we were given free tickets from our Foster Parent Association (FPA) for an amusement park during one of the funkiest weeks of the year thus far, I was less than than thrilled. We had signed up for the tickets for this annual event at Knoebels weeks ago when the weather was still idyllic, unaware that a deadly (literally) heat wave would plague our part of Pennsylvania the same week as our excursion to the park.

Except that the day before our trip the Lord graciously sent a cold front relieving our area of the intense scorching heat and humidity and left us with a beautiful day with low, low humidity and 80 degree weather. And with the park being in the middle of nowhere surrounded by large, mature trees, it was amazing. I had never been to this particular amusement park before, but it is now ranked number 1 in my book. It was just the most incredible day.

Iggy fraught with anticipation

My all American boy dreaming of being old enough to get his license

My all American girl not bothering to watch the road


And in true Scot style, which would make my grandfather proud, my "baby girl" cruising along on the "right" side of the car...

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