Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Just Can't Decide...

I got this Heinz ad in an e-mail, denouncing it's homosexual content. It describes two men in a domestic situation, one being called "Mum" by the kids with a kiss at the end. Normally I would have no interest in viewing it, but I simply could not imagine how this ad would sell ketchup (it is currently being aired in the UK), so I watched it.

I got a different take from it. Watch the short advertisement (with discretion) and then hear my thoughts. Tell me if you agree or not.

I thought that this was a spoof. Anyone who has ever been in a NYC deli can tell you that the "Mum" is exactly what you would find. Frankly, I thought it was a bad attempt to replace the mother in the family briefly with the deli guy, hence cementing the, "Mayo with a New York Deli Flavor" motto, seen at the end of the commercial.

Had it been a woman behind the counter the joke never would have landed. After all, everyone knows the place to get the best pastrami on rye is in NYC at the deli counter, expertly made by a fourth generation butcher named Sam. I think "deli", I think of a beefy guy with sideburns, not someone's demur mother. Am I wrong?

Let me state for the record, I am as conservative as they come. I believe marriage is between one man and one woman only, and is sacred. I don't believe the point of this ad was to undermine that notion, just to sell mayo and using a woman would not have gotten the "NYC attitude" across.

I do have a problem with the kiss at the end because I do not want to have to explain that to my young kids and well... eww. I don't want to see my deli guy kiss his dog, let alone another man. I bet you if the kiss was not included in the ad, it would be shown here in the States without a second thought; but in Europe, things tend to be a little dicier and stepped up a bit in advertisements.

Granted, if I were living in Scotland, I still would not want to have to explain this to my child, but maybe the Heinz people thought it would take more to make those stuffy Europeans laugh (I am sooo just kidding here Stuart!).

So what do you think? Homosexual agenda or just a dumb Heinz ad that failed to land with a stupid (and not well thought through) ending?

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