Monday, June 16, 2008

Praying For My Friend

A million years ago, before mommydom I lived in the corporate world. The last job I had was the best and I had an amazing boss. She was just about 10 years older than me (I was in my early 20's), single and the sweetest person I had ever met. She was born in Alabama, graduated from Duke and had the best accent in the District of Columbia. We became friends and would have lunch together at times, went sailing together and had a good working relationship.

About two weeks before K.Z. was born she married and just a little over a year later was a stay at home mom, just like me, but we kept in touch and got together when we could. I moved from the D.C. area and we both got absorbed in the world within our houses, and did not talk as much. She called this weekend.

She has been diagnosed with Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans (DFSP), a very rare malignant tumor on her leg and if it spreads (which is usual) she has about two years at best. She is a mom, a wife, a sister and a good friend to many people. Although you do not know her, please pray for her. I want to give her privacy as her girls do not know about this yet, but I will gladly give you more info if you e-mail me so you can pray specifically. She will have surgery this Friday and they will try to remove the tumor and see if it has spread.

Please pray for her, she has asked for prayer and is trying to keep her chin up, but frankly she is scared. I know I would be too.


Susie said...

Oh, my goodness, Angel!! That's terrible!! I will definitely keep her in my prayers, esp. this Friday during her surgery. I cannot imagine what she must be feeling. :o(

Carolyn said...

I've already said a prayer for her. This really sadden me to read and my heart is breaking for her and her family; but I know that God CAN do miracles!

Jamie said...

Wow, I cannot imagine. I pray that everything turns out just fine for your friend.

I think I've finally caught up on your blog! Oh, speaking of ticks...I was helping my son put on his pjs and noticed something on his back....yep, a tick. And here we were pretty much stuck in the car all day, besides stopping to see Laura Ingalls Wilder's house...must have picked it up from the woods there! I hope your daughter is ok...that is always freaky to catch them at all, but especially later in the game!

Your trip to the amusement park sounds fun...thats the cutest picture of Iggy!!!