Sunday, November 18, 2007

What A Week!

I just realized that I have not blogged since Wednesday. Someone should smack me around a bit. I have faithful readers to amuse and amaze (okay, maybe just three and they are only amused and amazed when they remember to check my blog; did I mention that my sister has not read it since August? I guess I am down to two faithful readers...)

It has been a long crazy week, but it seems to be settling down. Tonight, four out of the six ladies in our small group (we have six families total) met for a "girls' night out" and went out for dinner. It was such a nice relaxing time with no rushing, kids meals or whining and we even got to stay for coffee and hot chocolate. I think we should do this at least once a week day.

Tomorrow I have to venture out to the land of "The Social Security Administration", as I need a copy of C'sa's SS card and need to get mine corrected after almost 12 years. The SSA issued my SS card after I got married and they combined my middle name and maiden name into one long name when they added my brand new wifely last name. What did I care? It was just a "little mistake" and would not bother much. Apparently I was wrong. The lady at the SS office told me that it, in fact, could cause the beloved IRS to audit me since the name on the card does not match the name on my tax return to the letter (or in my case, to the space) and it was a big deal. Fabulous! Off to wait in line for hours to convince some clerk that I want the name on my social security card to match my passport. Oh, and I forgot to add that the lovely Commonwealth of PA did the EXACT same thing on my driver's license. I think they are in cahoots with the SSA.

Fortunately we do not have much of anything to do in school this week, it is just a "catch up week" and we pretty much are on target and I convinced a friend to let my kids come over while I do this. I don't think she realizes that I may never return. After all, it is the Social Security Administration. I have heard stories of people going into the offices, never to be heard from again. Pray for me people.


Carolyn said...

I thought you were lost! Missed seeing you at D-Queen last night, but am glad you had a relaxing time with the ladies. Have fun at SSA. I had to do that before I got married, because they made a typo and changed my birthdate and then I got to go back again after the boys were born, because they messed that up too. Make sure you bring lots of reading material!

Jamie said...

Well I missed you;) I was wondering where you'd gone off to. Glad to see you made it through the whole 'system' in one piece!

Mrs. Sam said...

i"m still computer has been goofy lately...not sure why>>>>hmmmmmmmmm....but, I'm still a faithful reader!