Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Almost There

I am on the missions committee at our church and have always had a heart for missions. I would imagine myself off in a foreign land helping to teach or acting in a support capacity; cleaning, helping little ones with scrapes and bruises, cooking, field work, whatever.

When we were in the Czech Republic last year we had a week of manual labor, as some of the team did construction and the other half did "punch out work", preparing a newly remodeled residence for missionaries to move into. It was hard work, but fulfilling and such a blessing, of which I got to be a part.

As a member of the missions committee, I get an advanced glimpse and a hand in helping to plan future short term missions trips and it makes my heart sing at the thought. Except for one sobering reality. I more than likely will not be able to go again. The Lord has a different "mission" for me.

Last night our county case worker came by for part two of three different home visits which will make up our foster home study. We are well on our way to becoming licensed foster care parents for our county and it is coming up fast. There is a possibility we could have a placement within several weeks. This fact certainly puts a damper on any international travel plans I may have for a while.

Granted, I can ask for respite care for my foster child and have them placed in another licensed home and have my own children head to the grandparents' house while we head out on short term missions, but would that really be serving Him? I certainly do not think so.

I see a long term mission in my future right here in my house and it is one I would have never anticipated. Pray for the little ones that the Lord will place with us as their lives will be turned upside down. Pray for us that we will be able to offer a safe and loving home for them. Pray that the ones who need a "forever family" will find it here with us. We know that the Lord will put the exact children in our house that He intends.

Help me remember that this is the mission that the Lord has decided I should be on. The one that will have me teach, clean, help little ones with scrapes and bruises, cook, field work, whatever... And I am glad to be called to do it. Even state-side.


Carolyn said...

I'll try it again. We are praying for you and very excited for you. We can't wait to meet the newest member of your clan someday soon. The other couple that you went through training with have already meet their newest member. He visited last Sunday and he will be spending the whole weekend with them this weekend and then sometime in December he will stay permanently.

Jamie said...

I am so excited for you guys! It is so nice to have somebody else understand that the mission field can be right in your home. So often people forget that and it really irritates me! Hey, I have got something good to email you but I don't think I have your email address anymore? Praying for your family!!! Can't wait to see who the Lord places in your family!