Monday, November 19, 2007

Good Morning?

Several weeks ago I was awakened at 7 am by the door bell and my two barking dogs. On the other side of the door was an older gentleman who apparently had sold a used washer to one of my neighbors and was coming to deliver it. He had forgotten the address and thought it was my house. I assured him, as politely as I could at 7 am, that it was not my house he was looking for and tried to direct him based on his description of the neighbor a good 5 houses down. No big deal, mistakes happen!

At 7:30 this morning the doorbell rang again. Guess who? Yep, the same old fella. This time I told the kids not to go near the door, and I was in no mood to do so myself with my bed head and fabulous stained pajamas. I watched from an upstairs bedroom as he questioned my neighbor across the street and my neighbor motioned toward the same "other" house 5 houses down.

I think I might go and buy this guy a notebook and a pen, lest he show up again at 7 ish. Or maybe I should simply make him coffee. Nah, I will just go back to bed instead.


Jamie said...

UGH, That would drive me NUTS! Much too early for me!

Mrs. Sam said...

I've heard you can lead alot of people to Christ over coffee....hmmmmmmmm, God might have a morning mission for you!