Friday, November 9, 2007

Desperately Seeking Science

I am not a huge science fan, but I know that my boy is and that I really do need to teach them something in that arena. The first year, I used Sonlight Science which was a great curriculum, but I just did not get through it all and did not have that much enthusiasm for it.

So I tried it again the next year with even more dismal results.
This year I was going basic (and cheap) and bought Rod and Staff Science. That lasted about two weeks, it just did not hold my interest nor that of my kids. So I am on the hunt again.

I usually stick out a curriculum until the year is out, but I have not been faithful in the science department so I am ready to start yet another curriculum.
Any thoughts?

Ideally, I want something that can be used with a kindergartener and a second grader, takes not much prep and is actually fun while being informative. Did I mention it should be cheap? Does it actually exist? Help!!


TheTutor said...

Okay, okay... I'll stop surfing and go back to work. You're not too subtle are ya?! LOL! (Just kidding.)

Would spring 2008 work? I'll be "done" in three weeks, then you can blame the publisher if it's not ready by spring. ;)

Hope you're feeling better.

Jennifer Wharton said...

I recommend Apologia. I've really only used their highschool level materials, but they were excellent and I've heard good things about their younger materials.

(I really, really DON'T recommend Bob Jones or Alpha Omega. Used 'em, Hated 'em.)

(p.p.s. I've just happened upon your blog - was searching for a good homeschool blog to keep an eye on. I am currently a grad student in library science, homeschooled "all the way", 4 siblings - you name it, we've done it...homeschool, public, private, unit studies, classical, canned curriculum...we are Experienced (-:)

jennifer w.

Jamie said...

We're using Apologia, the Flying Creature of the Fifth Day. I'm doing ith w/the 2nd and K. While some of it seems 'over their heads' they enjoy it. And I love that we're all sitting together and reading it and talking about it. I just need to incorporate a bit more hands-on things too I think, although we do have some good things coming up, like making bird feeders and bird baths.

Susie said...

How about K12? It's such fun! And you can't beat free, right? ;o) Also, they combine most of the minor for students only a grade or two apart.

Or ask around in co-op. I'm sure there are others who've enjoyed other curriculums, too.