Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday Already?

Well Xena did it. She officially graduated from Kindergarten. It only took 6 years to get to this point...

All silliness aside, I really was proud to see her get her little diploma from our Homeschool Learning Group today and she just beamed when she hit the stage to accept it from her beloved teacher.

I guess I can no longer poke fun at the thought of Kindergarten "graduation", but I still reserve the right to roll my eyes at 6th grade "graduation".


Just a note to my friends in the blogger world. I faithfully read your blogs everyday via my RSS feed, but lately I just have not been commenting. For that I apologize. I know I love getting comments and I love leaving them, but for some reason I just have been reading and not writing. Just know I am thinking of you and absorbing every word, I just have been quiet lately.

Once my motormouth revs back up, it will spill over onto the keyboard and I will once again put in my two cents. Invited or not, LOL!


Mamma D said...

Congrats to Xena!!! We had our evaluation last night... I am soooooo glad it is finally over.

PS - my blog got deleted (like an idiot I was goofing with stuff) so if you don't see it, that's why.

Mrs. Sam said...

So, cool! Kindy is hiney!!! And hey, I know your there, my counter keeps clicking. There's a season right? Your just being still...I need to take notes.

TheTutor said...

Give hugs to Xena for us!!!!

And I forgive you for not commenting... but only because I haven't posted anything in over a month! LOL!

Jamie said...

Congrats Xena! Little Man grad's tomorrow!!! We never had K graduation growing up...and Princess didn't get it, but I think LM is excited.

Thanks for commenting on my blog today:) I missed seeing your comments! And for the record, all the guesses were right.