Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Newest American "Idol"

All the world has gone "green" lately and it is driving me up the wall. Before you grab your chest in horror thinking me to be some sort of evil scientist with plans to blow up the planet, let me explain.

I am all for the earth. Without it I would starve, dehydrate, not be able to breath and would be floating aimlessly through space. Not my idea of fun. So I really do appreciate all that the earth has to offer and am quite willing to do my part to help keep it as healthy as I can. But it is not my cheif concern.

Back in the ancient times (circa 1967) there were people known as "hippies". They are all stock brokers or retiring accountants today, but back then they had a real love of all things natural and tended to like to hug trees, or so the legend goes. They were known by mainstream Americans as "freaks".

Head into the 80's and the hippies started to conform (except for the few who still lived in vans down by the river) and all bought skinny ties. They still loved green things, but now all that green fit into their wallets. And they loved it. And drove big, diesel powered SUVs.

Zoom ahead to today. The hippies now have grandchildren and guilt and hybrid Toyotas. Their grandchildren are bringing home stories from school about how we are killing the earth and must rally around her to save her. Anyone still using regular light bulbs must be arrested and if you are caught with a non-Nalgene plastic water bottle you may be shot on sight. The times are tumultuous at best.

Those few hippies that lived in their vans in the 80's now live in completely green houses and are willing to give tours and lectures on "going green" for a little compensation.
The rest of us are hiding under our woolen blankets in our lead painted houses, in fear that PETA just might find out we have leather shoes and still love beef. It has gotten out of control.

Like I mentioned before, I do love the earth.
ONLY because it is a gift from my Creator and no other reason. Although I have embraced a tree or two in my life, the glory did not go to the tree, it went to God. When the crops come in (in someone else's yard since I have not planted in the past two seasons) I do not thank the earth, I thank God. While I am flicking my light switches on and off a million times a day, I thank God for the knowledge bestowed on Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison on how to harness electricity, I do not begrudge the fact that I am not on solar power.

We do have a responsibility to care for His creation. I would run on solar power if it was feasible. I would do a lot of things differently if I could, and I do what I can. But I do NOT worry. The Bible tells us that this earth is doomed. Not because of plastic bottles in land fills, but because of sin. And that is my chief concern.

As long as we are worshiping the earth and trying to live as green as possible we are not keeping our eyes, hearts and minds firmly on Christ. He is the only salvation. He is the only shot at spending an eternity in a sinless world. With no Nalgene bottles.
So get off of the "green" bandwagon. Be responsible, care for your corner of the world, but as it says in Colossians 3:23, "And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men". Be "greener" as long as your focus is on Him, not America's newest "idol".

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Mrs. Sam said...

Amen! I'm having a hard time believing that this earth is going to blow up or something because of the last 150 years of human activity. It was built to handle alot. We are in no way going to wreck it. Having said that, we do have a responsiblity to care for what God left in our charge. Same as our 'temples of the Holy Spirit'. But...I'm over it big time when it comes to hearing about my 'carbon footprint'...enough!