Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wonderful, Yet Disappointing...

I just got home from my overnight in Harrisburg at the CHAP convention. As usual, The Tutor and I had a fantastic time and shopped hard on Friday afternoon. I got everything I needed (except some Rod and Staff curriculum I want), leaving today to just meander and enjoy the speakers.

Friday I commented to my friend how light it felt in the convention center as there did not seem to be as many people as in years past (translation: you could actually walk in some places) and the vendor list seemed to be shorter. We assumed that is how Fridays must be, since the past few years we goofed around on Fridays leaving our serious work to be done on Saturday. However, it was the same feel today. There were certainly more people, but the vendors seem to be lacking. Usually it takes a lot of time to see everything if you can even get to it, this year we saw most everything in one afternoon.

All in all it was a wonderful two days and I even ran into several people I know including a good friend from Maryland I had not seen in a while. One more year worth of education materials hunted and bagged. Mission accomplished!

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