Wednesday, May 2, 2007

When She's On, She's On!

C'sa is my little clone. She is like me in every way. Especially determination and grit. She was playing with her beloved Baby Tad, when his speech started to get slurred. Tad had either been hitting the bottle a little too much, needed an exorcism or just new batteries. This did not go unnoticed by C'sa. She immediately brought him over and asked me for new batteries.

Now because Tad is a newer toy, as opposed to the death traps we played with when we were kids, he is like Fort Knox when it come to a simple battery change and I was in the middle of a very important task; laughing at stupid e-mail jokes and munching on almonds (half of which she stole). I had no desire to do the complex surgery on Baby Tad and I was certain that the little battery thief herself had used all of them in her beloved flashlight.

I gently tried to dissuade her with the always popular, "let's wait for Daddy to get home, he can do it for you!" line, but she was not biting. As sweet as can be she asked me again.

"But sweetie", I replied, "I don't have any batteries, but when Daddy gets home we can ask him." (honey dripping from my voice)

Undeterred she ran for batteries and came up with two D batteries (Tad needs AA). I told her that I did not think that was the right kind, so I could not do it and besides, I needed a screwdriver. Off she went again and came back with a Phillips head screwdriver (I think she has a secret stash of her own tools). At this point I simply had to show her the batteries would not fit, she was too determined to believe me, so I cracked open Tad and showed her the three AA batteries firmly encased in his back. Off she ran yet again.

One AA battery in hand (I have no clue where she finds this stuff, she must steal batteries from the remotes like her father does) she came back beaming. I did not even know if her new find would have any juice left in it, but at this point all I could do was show her that it would not be enough to properly power her annoying little Tad anyway. I replaced one battery and pressed Tad's hand to prompt him to sing. It worked perfectly.

I think C'sa has a pact with the Energizer Bunny. She is his best sales woman.

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Jamie said...

LOL How adorable!!! I got a kick out of that post!