Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Reveling in the Little Things

Mr. Clean was out of town last night with work, and I had big big plans.  I was going to rendezvous with a couple men I haven't seen in a while.  I figured that I could alternate my time and attention between Mr. Selfridge and Doc Martin, but those pesky children of mine had other plans.

The three youngest wanted a sleepover.  In my room.  I am certainly cultured enough to know one simply does not have men in her room when the children are about, so I changed my plans and let the kids camp out on my floor.  

I thought about how cool it was that I still had kids that wanted to spend time with me.  Wanted to just be in the same room I was for the night.  Even if it meant having to decide who got Daddy's side, and who had to grab a spot on the floor.  It was heartwarming.  So I put up with the whispering (I'm not sure how they forgot that I have the power of hearing), the sporadic snoring, the flip-flopping next to me, and the sleeping bodies blocking the path to the bathroom, to just revel in the fact that I had some of my babies super close for the night. 


Dale Cupo said...

sweet memories.I have had a few sporadic sleep overs with my 18 yr old girl and Ben once in a very blue moon these past few yeas... Treasure it for sure.

lynne said...

I def. have a thing for Mr. Selfridge......We are so twinsies. It's really not good for me to watch him.......so I don't..............but, it's ok if you do.........I'm sure it's not a problem for you................hehehehahaha! Gots to be above board. Keep me there!