Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Home Again

Fran drags a big glass.

The frog slips in the mud.

The clam is in the grass.

I haven't written in a while, because THIS is my life lately. Fran and her big glass totally ignore the clam in the grass and the frog in the mud.  Fran is a snob.  At least in my version of the reader that my seven year old is sounding out at a slow pace.  At a staggering, mind numbingly, slow pace.  So, I have to jazz this story up in my mind, or I just. might. lose it.

I must admit that teaching children to read is lower on my "enjoyment scale" than having plaque scraped off of my teeth, stepping on Legos, or navigating my way through the back yard before the kids have picked up the all the dog bombs. I find it that painful.  So I am extremely thankful that this is my last child that needs to learn the basics of reading.  For someone who adores reading and writing, this may seem odd, but it is my reality.  I have a dear friend who was an elementary school teacher before she had children.  Teaching young ones to read is her absolute favorite educational activity.  Secretly, I think she sniffs Elmer's School Glue when no one is looking.

But alas, this is actually the life I begged for, prayed about, and coveted.  My kids are home with me again after a few years in private school and a year stint with a cyber school.  They are learning in their individual styles. We are figuring this traditional homeschooling route as we go along.  And it's all good.  Except for Fran.  Fran with her big glass, is a punk.


lynne said...

Oh, my freaking gosh! What the heck? You almost kept us from this?????????? Not cool, Angel, not cool. But........oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't wait for when you are really brain dead, if this is the kind of stuff you produce when you think you have writer's block.

Kinda like the kid who gets the A + on the paper and thinks they got an F!

So Love it!!

Denys aka Mommy said...

I love this! So honest and I so can relate. My day is better for having read this. Thank you for sharing!

Dale Cupo said...

read this the other day and laughed..love it