Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So, Here We Are. Now What?

A million moons ago I somehow lost my RSS feeder. It was low on my priority list to try and find it again. You know, with raising children and being a fabulous wife and all. Little things like that. So today, for some unknown reason, I was inspired to find it again and see what was happening in the blog world. Boy, are you all quiet!

Many of the blogs I used to read daily are gone. Others are not updated often, some are still active. I tried to catch up the best I could after being gone for so long. Then there was the question of my own blog. The last entry was in February. Gulp.

I love to write. I have loved it as long as I can remember. As a child I had a writing desk in my room stacked with pens and paper, notebooks and stationary. I wrote all the time. Today, I have my laptop. I rarely write anymore and I miss it. So maybe it is time to dust off the blog, crack my knuckles and get back to it. I am not sure if any of the three people that used to faithfully follow this blog are even around anymore, but regardless, I will start again.



KeeperatHome said...

Hello friend! I had just popped by to check on you! Good to hear you and the family are doing well. I would love to hear how your life is going, but I know life often gets in the way of blogging!;-) In Christ, Talya

Susie said...

I'm still here...and, like Talya, I keep popping by to see if you've posted anything new. :)

I'm trying to update my blog now, too. Just the stuff I want to remember on the date it actually happened...and then I'll try to keep up with my regular musings as they really happen. LOL!

GREAT to see you back on here. Hope tomorrow comes SOON!! <3 you!

Aduladi' said...

Hello Talya!! It is so good to hear from you! I plan on updating in a day or two and filling in some gaps about what has been going on around here. Life is blessed!

Susie, I have my RSS feed up and running so I am following you too!!

Mrs. Sam said...

I'm trying to be back, finding facebook easier but not as satisfying...strange thing. :/ said...

i have always loved your post Aduladi, and this one too :) wish you every good thing for you and your family